So who finishes the year as your....


  • juniorcbr
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    edited September 2016
    Favorite: Ivelin Popov
    Highest goal scorer: Various versions of Mandzukic
    Most capped: Lovren surprisingly
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  • Jaxite
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    Douglas Costa
    TOTS Insigne had about 100 goals before I sold him
  • Low Ki
    12372 posts Has That Special Something
    Jeremy Menez was my biggest surprise, my most used player.
  • maTTeOs_mAZzA
    3259 posts National Call-Up
    TOTS Ibra.
  • illinifan
    8676 posts League Winner
    Favorite player: TOTS Vardy
    Top goal scorer: TIF Lewandowski
  • Robocat
    581 posts Sunday League Hero
    favorite -nif Griezmann
    top scorer- nif Suarez
  • Antiversum
    5850 posts Big Money Move
    Topscorer: Neymar TOTY but I play him for the longest time of all

    Most goals: As I said, Neymar TOTY but Aubameyang TOTS scored faster 100 goals

    Favorite: Kagawa SIF. Every opponent is tryharding because there is Auba TOTS and Reus FUT but then this random SIF reks him.
  • They Caged Non
    6342 posts Big Money Move
    Low Ki wrote: »
    Jeremy Menez was my biggest surprise, my most used player.

    that simple thing of being a CF default means he will get missed a lot, i normally search gold strikers in a particular league and browse through so there is a good chance I wouldnt see any, he is outstanding though.
  • Bob_Dylan
    21308 posts Club Captain
    96 Ibra for both
  • Hibee
    12409 posts Has That Special Something
    Fav player: Zola

    Top Scorer: Zola
  • Manutelli
    20862 posts Club Captain
    Favorite: Gullit
    Topscorer Gullit
  • Rumplefish
    18748 posts World Class
    Favorite: Pastore
    Top goalscorer: Giusseppe Rossi
  • Vinnie
    1373 posts Play-Off Hero
    Top Score : I still playing FUT16 ha

    Favorites : so far Gullit / Ronaldo 99 / Maldini / Brehme and Pele (cant choose only 1)
  • Machiavelli1982
    210 posts Has Potential To Be Special
    Favorite Player: TOTY Kayode!!!
  • TheGabc
    1952 posts Play-Off Hero
    Favorite player: IF Diamanti
    Top scorer: Luca Toni
  • FIS
    4286 posts National Call-Up
    toty messi
    tots neymar
  • Amargaladaster26
    9864 posts Has That Special Something
    Favourite: Kaka
    Top scorer: IF Immobile, even though I probably scored more with various versions of Totti.
  • Tof33z
    7042 posts Big Money Move
    Dunno stats I change teams too often. Futty Mandzucic probably, scored zillions for me. Favourite other would be Eriksen probably. His standard card was mental, I used to choose him over kdb
  • Galaynn
    375 posts Sunday League Hero
    Favourite: Stoichkov

    Top scorer: Gullit

    Most caps: Perin
    20494 posts Club Captain
  • TheSuperDerek
    2900 posts Fans' Favourite
    edited September 2016
    Top: TOTS Baston

    Fav: TOTS Baston

    Most Capped: Inaki Williams
  • zal
    57 posts Park Captain
    Fav: Pelé, Gullit, Vieira
    Top Scorer: Weah (702) Pelé (402)
  • CFCHenri
    3796 posts National Call-Up
    Favourite player: Futties Reus
    Top scorer: NIF Diego Costa
  • AjaxNL
    41 posts Last Pick at the Park
    Topscorer: Correa (Atletico Madrid)
    Favorite: Calhanoglu/Coutinho
  • XxCptnsubz3roxX
    22 posts Last Pick at the Park
    Favourite: Toty Neymar
    Top Scorer : Toty Neymar
  • Gromit
    4831 posts National Call-Up
    Tried every high rated NIF and a few top IF but my favourite as is most years is a low rated discard. In past years it's been Ljajic, Son, Roman Adamov (silver) David Williams (bronze)

    This year its Sherman Cardenas. Absolute blast to play with, has that special something that makes him do crazy stuff. Silky dribbling. Finishing can be hit and miss, scores worldys then misses sitters but such a fun card to play with. If you haven't used him just give him a try.
  • ClerryJungle
    980 posts Professional
    Favourite player: TOTW Messi or TOTS McCormack

    Top Scorer: TOTW Fletcher
  • Orikoru
    10712 posts Has That Special Something
    edited September 2016
    My top scorer that I still own is Agüero (just the 88 Up) with 69 in 72.

    Favourite player is a tough one. TOTS Promes was amazing, I used him for the whole 'chemgate' era since he has ❤️❤️❤️❤️ links. Only sold him after they fixed it.

    Kevin De Bruyne is a guy I've sold and later gone back to several times, he's really excellent.

    TOTS N'Doye was absolutely immense - he's another guy with ❤️❤️❤️❤️ links that I used for most of the chemgate period. He was properly good, no weaknesses really except the 2* weak foot, which didn't seem to hold him back. He just bossed games for me in the middle of the park.

    Other great players: Hazard, iHero Cambiasso, TOTT Bonucci, TOTS Viviano, SIF Fährmann, Lamela, UP Bruno Peres, Modric, SIF Eremenko, TOTS Umtiti, Vidal, Alaba.... that'll do.

    P.S. Most appearances for me was Barzagli. He was in my main teams for ages, then as I got more coins I just moved him into my fitness team instead. He's played 259 games for me. I bought him so long ago that he cost me 7.8k!
  • NittyRM3
    2083 posts Fans' Favourite
    Favourite player:TOTS Jensen
    Top scorer:IF Benzema
  • Mike_Lowrey
    872 posts Semi-Pro
    edited September 2016
    94/92 KDB is my favourite player, closely followed by Messi and Ronaldo.

    Diego Costa was my most prolific - 65 Goals in 40 games.
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