Pre-ordering FIFA 17 for FUT Draft Tokens

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After looking at the standard edition price, it comes with 5 FUT Draft Tokens and SPecial Kits, thats a bargain imo, because you could accumulate 50-150k just from selling players after FUT Draft packs! Anyone else pre-ordering?


  • Just_Unfair
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    Yea honestly this is a better deal...spend the extra cash on packs day one instead of buying special additions
  • Dawud
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    1 token a week
  • RedDevil123
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    I've pre-ordered the super deluxe edition. If I had realised the draft tokens were exclusively for the standard version I probably would have just got that instead.
    Come on EA, surely the deluxe versions should include everything that the standard edition offers.
  • K_DeBruyne
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    Another magical experience from EA
  • Dylan98SWFC
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    So you'll have 2 draft tokens on release day/week surely? That is if they still are giving out the free token. I'm happy either way, I pre-ordered with the hope of getting the game a day early not for the bonuses.
  • Whitebeard
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    Yeah, I'm getting the normal edition. Play offline on easiest difficulty and you'll get some nice packs to start with.
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