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So my Iphone out of nowhere just went pitchblack while I was charging it and it still works, just I can't really use it, and it looks like it's off but it's still working (due to Siri). I had my friend call it, my phone rung... but it was still black.

Anyone have this issue before? It's an Iphone 6


  • Torres4Lif3
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    Doesn't sound good. I would give it to the Support or maybe if you still have warranty your local electronic markt could fix it. Must be something with the Screen.
  • DoD_Jester
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    Sounds like your digitiser has 'blown out'

    What model iPhone?
  • DaWoodyDaCuak
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    If hard reset doesn't work, you are effed :)
    iPhone 6 (plus especially) is being plagued by "Touch disease" which is bricking the phones, but your symptoms sound different.
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