Hope EA doesn't raise OVR above 99

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However I think this is the incentive this year. There are like 6 more or less guaranteed 99ers so far depending on IFs (Ronaldo, Messi, Neuer, Suarez, Neymar, Ibra).

Less space for Ifs, either more rereleases or rating can exceed 99. Not everything on mobile is a good thing.


  • WFCBagnall
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    Good. Hope they do.
  • bear
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    Perhaps they'll just stop caring about ovr ratings. Maybe Ibra gets two hat tricks this year, one consisting of three clinical finishes with his feet and the other saw him scoring two of the three with his head. Both cards can have the same overall, but the latter will have significantly better heading than the other.
  • ProHulst0s
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    Didn't they say they have dynamic ratings now, cards that change ratings.
  • illinifan
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    Same, cards with a rating over 99 look awful
  • Manutelli
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    Should be able to get over 99 overall or at least attributes over 99 like Madden
  • Whitebeard
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    ProHulst0s wrote: »
    Didn't they say they have dynamic ratings now, cards that change ratings.

    Any more details on how those dynamic ratings work?
  • Libguy
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    The day can't come quick enough where I can looked down my nose at somebody like "Oh, you got the 101 Ronaldo? That's cool. I got the 105. The 101 is nice too, I guess."
  • Orikoru
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    They won't go over 99. But they should hand out far less in forms anyway. If a player like Sturridge gets two goals then fine, he gets an IF, but if Messi gets two against **** Betis or someone, there's no way he should be getting an IF for **** like that. That's just standard for him. Messi/Ronaldo/Suarez should only be getting IFs for hat-tricks against decent sides, or like 4 goals plus.
  • FinneganFach
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    If you can't vaguely accurately recreate a footballer using attributes between 1 and 99 then you really shouldn't be making computer games.

    99 is fine. It would be even better if mostly useless dross like Benteke, Sturridge, Walcott, etc weren't all made world class just to appease 13yo fans of "big clubs."

    You dial down the ratings of some of the more average players and make them a little more realistic and then you'll have plenty of room at the high end to play around with informs.

    Not that Ronaldo or Messi should ever actually have in form cards, given their ratings are scored on the premise they're always in form anyway.

    But, yknow, got to sell packs.
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