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As FUT is winding down, I decided to get back into GTA Online. Found it impossible to get a heist with decent random players, though, so set up this thread in the hopes of forming a team for a bit of fun and to make a bit of virtual dollar!

Players who have expressed interest so far:
@The longest yard
@Inky Milk
@Mother Ducker
@FC Maexle

After that, it occurred to me that we could try our own, simplified version of the sub-Reddit r/heistteams. People post what they’re looking for there, swap PSNs and bypass the painful noobs who just want to ruin things for everyone. Varies from looking for help for a few setups to grinding Pacific Standard for hours. It can be difficult co-ordinating things there, though, as everything gets a different thread.

Was thinking maybe we could follow some sort of template like this:
Time you’ll be online (GMT/EST etc.):
Number of players you're looking for:

If you post something similar to above before logging into the game, anyone in this thread who fancies helping out could reply to you and work from there. Heists are much easier when everyone pulls their weight. Hard finding that when you have two or three kids spamming RPGs during stealth sections though! :lol:

Something similar could be done for things like car meets, races and other activities.

Hoping this works out. Everyone needs a break from FUT now and then and this might be the optimal time to try this out, especially as there’s a bit of a lull for the next few weeks. Could fall flat on its face as well though! :lol:
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