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I'm really curious to see how the FUT market develops this year, the introduction of Squad Builder Challenge could certainly make things interesting, as well as the seemingly generous FUT Champions rewards. I expect everything to be more expensive this time around due to what will surely be an increase in coin circulation. Let's focus on the first two months post-launch, feel free to make any predictions here be it player prices or market trends, the more detail the better. Let's see if we can get a decent thread going :)


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    It all depends on what types of squad building challenges come up. For example, if the reward is amazing and repeatable (bonus points if it's only available for a short amount of time), then the players that fit the criteria would skyrocket in the market. Especially when people can post their cheapest/easiest way to fulfill the squad building.

    I think the market will be insanely fun to work/play since you can make a profit a lot easier by buying packs with coins and just waiting to sell players, or sniping players that sell well with a squad builder.
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