When to Open Packs, Early-Release or Day 1

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When do you guys reckon it will best to open packs on early access or day 1 of the full launch? Hmmm


  • Baghdad187
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    i would open packs on day one.
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    Early access I would say. Just don't sell much until the game comes out.
  • If you pack a really good player, I would not recommend selling it right away because nobody is going to have the coins to buy them. In FIFA 15 I packed Eden Hazard on launch day and there wasn't another one on the market until about day 2 of the game. If you don't mind "not playing" with the good card, I'd recommend listing it on the market as soon as you get them for a fair good price, because some die hard fans of the player may be targeting the card with all their finances.
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