[Finished][PS4] The Hybrid Cup

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Sign up
Leave your PSN and timezone in order to sign up for this tournament.

Remember to only sign up if you're sure that you can finish your games in the next 2/3 weeks.

After signing up, you will be then assigned a group of players consisting three randomly generated IF's ( find them in the spreadsheet ), from three different leagues, under 25k coins to allow everyone to participate in this tournament. ( Thanks to @BlitzersNL for generating the group of players. )
The team consisting the three randomly generated players, may only exist players from the three leagues your assigned players play in. To check if everyone done this right, please post your squad after you have build your team.

Group stage
The group stage will consist 4 groups of 4 teams ( depends on how many people join ), where each team plays eachother twice. The top two placed teams will progress to the next round.

Rules ( Provided by @tomgreat1990 )
- No attribute items allowed
- No changing formations in match
- All substitutions must be like-for-like in chemistry (i.e. if it would not give full chem on the squad screen, do not make that sub!) However, designated players are EXCLUDED from this rule. They must not be substituted!
- Do not use park the bus
- Do not repeatedly spam pacey sprint dribbles
- Do not spam the corner exploits (e.g. playing for penalties from short corners or the edge of box long shot)
- No time wasting
- Be sporting at all times (Do NOT treat it like a divisions match. It's meant to be fun for both players!)
- In the event of a disconnection, the players will play the remaining minutes of the match (plus 3 minutes added time).

- @KingDutch - PSN: ElTaco-_- - +1
- @BlitzersNL - PSN: Blitzers NL - +1
- @Rumplefish - PSN: Liron1984 - +3
- @CarpeDiem - PSN: CHAM-P-IONS_67 - 0
- @Remzy69 - PSN: RemzyFIFA - +1
- @Mother Ducker - PSN: manboob8 - +1
- @TWS001 - PSN: TWS001 - 0
- @Tsunami85 - PSN: Eddie_Johnson7 - -8
- @da-bever - PSN: da-bever - +1
- @Guzman - PSN: Cguzman10 - -7
- @Blue_Saints - PSN: SM1L3_B4_U_D13 - +1
- @krissufc - PSN: krissufc - 0
- @RyanG14 - PSN: ryang4444 - 0
- @Derryboy - ? - +1 (-5 from 1st of september)
- @Jason1986 - PSN: Jas-R86 - 0
- @Ker_Mit - PSN: LadsHU - +1

Results, Squads and other information
Please visit the spreadsheet.

Please remember that this is a friendly tournament, so try to not spam overpowered tactics/exploits in order to keep this tournament fun.
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