The latest Title Update for FIFA 20 is now available on PC and includes the changes listed here.

The Verdict

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Another wobbly year of FIFA on PC is coming to a close. Much like the club Arsenal which according to many is a ‘fourth’ to be reckoned with, the game has nosedived into a sea of gloom and misery. The wonderful crafted Draft Mode was left by cheaters to a place pondering in its own mediocrity.

In the year when division 3 looked down upon its superiors and the glistening awards offered by EA looked to mitigate the fury of the ferocious, when the chances of packing a high-rated player were lesser than Liverpool’s possibility of winning the league, when ROB finally decided to ‘look’ into the conundrum clouding the PC gamers, what’s your take?. The final call.

Rate your experience with FIFA 16.

The Verdict 29 votes

10- GOAT
vLaDzJakeskillzALot 2 votes
9- Nobody is Perfect.
TomaJCDenisianesDefiantHDTobyyyAlderweireld 5 votes
8- Couldn't win Futtie Reus. Game was okay tho.
Olivierl_TheDren_lLoboNoboAmargaladaster26markfogedArx07MPleuMHealer 8 votes
7- Average at best.
On3PoundFishDaddyCFCsjmishraflamboya 4 votes
6- Perfect is Nobody.
5- Meh.
leon1309QuadB96 2 votes
4- For there shan't be a worse game
3- Had me raging all year.
PVFCB97xDXpCyPeNaAlbaGuBrathGiffo 4 votes
2- Because 1 will be too low.
Arkadiusz Milik 1 vote
1- Better than PES.
murazorGenericName1Pauwel_2002 3 votes


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