Companion App careful peeps

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I am sure many of you have had this happen already....

Decided to list Giggs on the Companion App and to cut a long story short it glitched and listed him for min bin :'(

I've listed thousands of items this year on the companion app and not had a problem.

Needless to say he was snapped up in milliseconds :'(

I contacted EA Chat for the first time, having read many horror stories on this forum, I knew what the likely outcome would be but thought I'd give them a chance.

My my my, what a useless bunch they are....I know I know I expected it, but to actually witness it was something else. I thought customer service was something our North American cousins excelled at??

Essentially through all the scripted BS they insinuated that I was lying and that they didn't have the tools to review my case.........or the tools to correct the issue (all I asked for was the difference in coins that I lost).

Now I understand the pain of the many here and I really should of not expected anything different....Just shocked that the support function is incapable of carrying out the very task it's mean't to.....supporting it's loyal customers.

I'd like to get feedback from the community manager on these forums (is it Rob still?)

1. Why there is little to no after sales care?
2. Why EA paid Support staff push me to posting on this forum, expecting the community to sort my issue?
3. Why support staff do not have the effective tools in place to review and validate issues on the call?
4. Why the support staff do not have the capability to pass the call onto 2nd line support? (doubt this exists)
5. Do EA staff even read these forums?? I got the distinct impression they didn't

Anyway peeps, be careful when listing valuable items, I've learn't my lesson...


  • Peter
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    Ive done this a few times, but was my fault rather than a glitch, im super careful now!
  • Addicksfan
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    I know it was a glitch, I had entered the min bin as 255,000 and the screen froze and then within seconds he'd sold for min bin
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