The latest Title Update for FIFA 20 is now available on Console & on PC and includes the changes listed here.

So did everyone give up wanting compensation?


  • K_DeBruyne
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    Maradona should have a special move where he whacks the ball into the net with his hand.

    Still have not received a refund for buying this piece of ❤️❤️❤️❤️ game ea makes. I'm basically done with soccer on a video game for another 12 years. I mean I hadn't played FIFA since 2002 and it was like the same f-ing game. What a bunch of ____
  • Ishibum
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    I gave up on this a while back. It's a shame, but good to see what they think of us as customers.

    Will wait until PES is cheap and pick that up for my football fix.
  • I can advice you (all) to start playing PES right now. Passing is much better and the game feels fair even if I loose (in the beginning time and time again), I have no trouble in accepting it because I know my opponent is better. Maybe it all looks a little less slick but the gameplay is much much better.

    You might say that there's the crappy club names but I only play MyClub and I dont need official team names, the player names is all I need.

    And what is also important is that it is far less costly to get a good team.

  • Oh and I forgot to say that I even went and bought a PS4 for this game, because on PC on which i played FIFA, PES isnt good. But I'm happy I did.
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