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Hey, so I was looking to pre-order FIFA 17 on Amazon and was looking at the different versions of the game and deciding which was best for me. I noticed, the Deluxe Edition includes a Jumbo pack per week for 20 weeks. - The standard edition includes 5 Draft Tokens. My issue is, it doesn't seem like the Deluxe Edition includes the Draft Tokens? I don't know if this is a mistake or something? Why would the more expensive version not include something that the standard edition has?

Thanks in advance for any replies and information!


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    Stay a while and you'll know EA logic can be unreasonable. :wink:

    A request for clarity went unanswered soon after the special offers were announced. I guess we should think of it as an intentional mistake.

    Also, you can buy the Super Deluxe Edition (2 jumbo packs per week for 20 weeks etc) on XB1 for £63.99 (20% off), if you have Fifa 16 and EA access.
  • I'm on PS4 so that wont be possible :(

    I spoke to someone on the EA live chat and they suggested making a thread here on the forums to hopefully get a response from a manager or whatever. That'd be nice. If not, I'll just go ahead with the standard edition. Just seems strange.
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    Could they have been suggesting the forums?
  • I dunno lmao
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    I hope we do eventually receive the tokens. Maybe it'll happen after EA legal are made aware of the mistake. :)
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    I don't think ea understand the market when selling the different versions. I guess with ea access and the 10 percent loyalty its 20 percent off for the super deluxe so that could help. The problem is when you get all those packs months later the players are not worth it so there is no benefit to the super deluxe.
  • Yeah that's what I was thinking - Although the packs 'technically' have a higher coin value, the players you receive from the rewarded packs from Draft will probably be worth more because of how expensive players are at the beginning. I'm honestly thinking that the Standard edition is straight-up better than the Deluxe.

    My English is terrible, but what I mean is;
    Draft tokens are worth 15k each = 75k from the 5 draft tokens
    20 x 15k packs = 300k

    But players at the beginning of the life cycle are so expensive. I bought Remy for 20k at the beginning of FIFA 16, now he's worth almost discard value.

    Also, you often (at least in FIFA 16, could be different in 17) get more than 15k worth of packs. Even if you get knocked out in the 2nd round or something.

    It just seems really strange.

    But yeah, I think I'm gonna go ahead with the standard edition because of this. If the deluxe had the draft tokens too, I would've gone with that.

    Thanks for all the replies though, everyone! o/
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    1 token a week
  • Ohhhhhhhhh... That changes things..

    Thanks for pointing that out. I honestly didn't realise..
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