Some connection/player tweaks wanted for FUT

Dizzy Bala
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Disconnect % displayed
I like to win games of FUT, as much as the next person but what I don't like, is to win by forfeit.
I feel like a necessary addition to FUT would be a disconnect percentage where you are more likely to get matched up in games where people match your disconnect percentage.

The DNR modifier to me isn't enough of a deterrent and it's a persistent problem in the non-FUT Draft and lower league season games.

Whichever side doesn't disconnect, doesn't lose contracts.
Another issue is that basically no matter when a disconnect occurs, you will lose a contract if the other team disconnects. It costs around 235 coins per game to keep your eleven players in contracts. In my opinion, if your opponent quits/disconnects before half time, you shouldn't lose the contracts.

Allow users to end a game early.
Some times in games it's clear that you are outmatched with an opposition? You know you aren't gonna get anything from the game or you both know that it's only going to be one way. Maybe one of you needs to leave or there is connection issues which are making the game unplayable?

You'd be able to pause the game and request once per game to end the game early, a drop down box with a few standard reasons for the reason for wanting to end it early which would send them a prompt.

They could then either accept the request and the game would end with the score is with a fair play bonus for the one that accepts it and no disconnect penalty for either side or the user could deny it and play on. If they played on the requester would get a fair play bonus for finishing the game at the end.

Detecting when a player has stopped playing
Another annoying occurrence. Player puts his controller down and half the time, they end up playing better but still, takes all the competition out of the game. If the game detects they've stopped playing after a minute or two, should give you the option to end the game with a win.


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