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I need help.

Trying to update my phone to 9.3.4, keep getting this message..


Even tho I have plenty of space.. (1.56GB on Documents & Data is a ball ache, like why?!)


How do I stop this stupid message, nothing is being synced, I manually manage what music I put on and take off my phone.. I've never had this problem before. :|

EDIT: I will add, I have tried googling the problem, but nothing they've recommended is working, hence why I'm trying here.


  • CornishLad
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    Yeah that's the problem with **** iPhones. No way to add extra storage.
  • JohnDoe
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    Don't update. Wait for iOS 10, it'll be out soon. This new patch is a fix on a jailbreaking exploit, nothing more.
  • Nate
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    Backing up, factory resetting the phone completely, then restoring the phone may fix whatever is wrong, but it's not worth it for a small update such a that.
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