Can EST. date be hidden in tournaments please?

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So many player cherry picking their opponents it's unbelievable. My est. is August 2012 and 4/5 back out, it's costing so much time :s


  • Reece Tha BEAST
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    I have no idea why they show this before the game. It should be shown afterwards.
  • Nate
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    It's crazy how many things people will back out against :D

    Literally I've seen people say like Est. Date, Kits, Club Name, Squad Name, Stadium, you name it :D

    Tbf, most people with club names like "Inter Yer Nan" aren't the most pleasant games, so I kind of understand that one lol.
  • Aspral
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    It shouldn't be shown I agree.

    Mine is quite low but not a founder. Many people have left because of that.

    I do think that when I play an earlier year I'll get a more difficult game.

    Usually I only back out if someone has a really offensive name. Since I can't be bothered dealing with someone possibly messaging when they lose.
  • Mr. Soper
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    same. im 2010 and people back out all the time. and i suck
  • freddyyow
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    I've not even paid any attention to it until now. I've read on here about people backing out when seeing the D1 winning kit but not the est. date.

    Thinking about it I guess it doesn't really make much sense to show the date.
  • yup, 2010 and people definitely back up a LOT
  • Jfo88
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    Reasons I back out
    Latino, Offensive/Childish team names
    Not Green Bar
    People who switch kits to match yours
    Taking longer than 15 seconds to ready up

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