4-3-3(5) Users advice please?

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My favourite formation on the game when it goes well but when it goes bad it goes sort of 7-2 defeat bad what custom tactics/in game instructions/work rates/type of players do you have the most success from with this formation i dont want to change because the most success from the game ive had is with this form. I currently dont run any ct's in game instructions etc


  • GL
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    The only instructions i use are stay back on CDM, LB and RB. I like the balance between the other settings on the other players
  • BackDaddy
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    I use cf target man stay central and cdm stay back, no ct's.
    I try and make sure my wing backs are quick enough to chase back but also good passers, as they can be the key to creating space by switching the ball from one side to the other.
    Cm's prefer h/h or h/m work rates with good long shots and cdm should have great passing as he will find space up the pitch.
    Alot of attack is pivoted around the cf, pass the the cf who will hold up the ball with his back to defence (holding lt) he can then hit his cm's or wingers or try to turn depending on the space and positioning.
    The key is to be patient and not just try to force through balls behind the line
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