9316 posts League Winner
    Might just be the low res on my phone but it looks like they've been drawn in MS Paint
  • bigpokey24
    6061 posts Big Money Move
    it doesn't matter whatever stadium is in the game.They need to fix all those camera angles. I see no reason why we must get dizzy while playing FIFA due to the small pitches .No matter whatever settings you have on the pitch shrinks due to different camera views in most Stadium.
  • bear
    6030 posts Big Money Move
    Nothing about them looks special
  • Sykesy
    4459 posts National Call-Up
    Would be class if they put them in. Long awaited.
  • same graphic for the 100th year , that Martin Tyler-Alen Smith part..
  • fergoosee
    12323 posts Has That Special Something
    those pics are fake but would be cool if the stadiums were in fifa
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