Chemistry - Suggestion

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What is the point of having players that can not play in your team. They should be able to earn chemistry points per game played. Packed players will have that 1 point advantage. If used properly, they would only need 6 games before they reached ten individual chem.

What if all players had to earn chem. You could take them on some single player tournaments (Like training matches) or online single matches. Or just take them straight online and watch them gel after a few games.

This way we could build different teams and come up against some interesting combinations.

Just my opinion.

Thoughts please.


  • Rumplefish
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    Heard the same suggestion about a million times before. I don't like it because it makes squad building obsolete. People will just stick their favorite players in a team, play some games offline and eventually have a full chem team.

    The last point is wrong regarding any chemistry suggestion. We won't see any "interesting" teams no matter what they do with chemistry. People will still use the most popular/OP players, it's just a matter of sticking Auba in a BPL or a Bundesliga team. In any case, it won't be "interesting"
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