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A Petition

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Many moons ago, a member of our community reached out to the wretched hive of scum and villainy. He promised them presents, gold and valuable discussion of the voetbal. Since that very day, this community has been saturated by illegal aliens, some more notorious than others. Who have begun to dismantle the excellent foundations we've built as a community for many years. It's time we take action.

We need to build a wall separating us from the rest of this forum, we need to suppress the illegal aliens and attempt to bring back valuable members of our community which have been replaced by these people due to the corporate suits in charge. It's time to stand together as one and say we're not going to take this anymore.

Of course, we're not barbarians. I do believe positive additions are not a fairytale. We need a system where these illegal aliens have to apply to be a valuable member of our community before we allow them access, these applications would need to be assessed by respected members to reach a conclusion on whether they meet the criteria.

To conclude, it's time to stand as one. It's time to tell the powers at be that this open door is no longer working, it's time to make a difference. It's time to make RF great again

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