Will Career Mode be different - or just a re-skin of Fifa 16?

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Which in itself was a essentially just a re-skin of Fifa 15.

Which was a re-skin of Fifa 14.

Are there any new changes that have been announced yet?

I appreciate they can't re-invent the wheel every iteration, but with how samey Career Mode has been in each of the last 3 games, for us Career Mode only players I can't really see a reason to buy Fifa 17 if they aren't releasing any new features for it.


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    I'm a career mode only person and I seriously doubt they'll be doing much for that mode this year. With that said, The Journey has cutscenes that can easily be put into CM. So you can be in your office and decide to have words with a player that says he's unhappy.

    With managers actually having faces now, I would expect us to be able to fully create one instead of name, nationality and whether he has a tracksuit or not. Full customisation on his appearance should be in this year.

    I hope they've spent some good time with CM as it's unfair The Journey gets all the attention and I bet most offline players prefer CM than a player experience. Hope they've worked on it for some time.

    Info on modes usually comes at Gamescom so about 4 weeks away
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