*** Tactics-Stratgey-Formations Gameplay Analysis Reference Training Center Thread ***

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This thread intent is to have a "Training Reference Thread" for all your coaching and training needs, a knowledge base thread where you can learn real tactics used in the sport. This will also assist your FIFA training in game skill sets.

I have not seen a good training reference thread, although I tend to find specific threads like these for example:-

So I created this thread please add all your tactics, strategies and formation references and/or anaylsis to this thread also add your youtube game plan and outcome analysis and discuss weakness and lessons learnt.


The Tiki Taka Tactical Play

I love doing this learn more here ………….. http://www.soccer-training-info.com/tiki_taka_football.asp

So please use this thread like a coaching thread on tactics, strategies and tips and tricks, I guess! :wink:

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