looking for Good H2H opponent

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Hello, i'm looking for some strong / good players to play some H2H Matches, i'm kind of practicing for a small event happening in some days, i would really like to find some good training partners, i kind of know where i am lacking, so i'm trying to improve those points, but any advice from someone who plays against me would me welcome
Here's my Origin Id : Divi556, please don't send random friend request, i'd appreciate if you tell me here before


  • Denisianes
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    Could try some games as I've been trying to mix it up between fut and normal seasons recently. Don't know what you consider a good player though, since fifa isn't very skill based :joy:
  • Dohva56
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    edited July 2016
    I agree that depending the gameplay is pretty random for each match, but i mean a good player is someone that would have knowledge about the game i guess, but it's easy to spot someone who's being playing for a long time and someone who's just doing random ❤️❤️❤️❤️ with his players (i'd like to avoid people like that), add me whenever you want to
  • semia172
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    I can give u a game later today in the evening, maybe I'm good enough
  • Rinoa
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    Only started playing seasons recently on Fifa 16 but I am 100-10 in div one if you want some games. Ill add you when I get home in a few hours.
  • Dohva56
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    Sure, add me guys
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