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Squad Build Help

Johnny Bravo
1303 posts Professional
Hi guys,

Been away for a little while but hoping to get a little play time in soon. Don't have any squads at the moment but do have 98 Ibra and 98 Lewa and about 1m in coins.

Could someone help me build two sides with this preferably keeping those two in different sides and balancing the strength between the two.

Looking to use some of the newer cards like TOTS but trying to fit in the hero/legend 92 Totti whatever that card is supposed to be. Also like the NYFC hero trio of Villa, Lampard and Pirlo so if these can be fitted into the teams would be nice also.

Not overly fussed on formations as long as it's 4atb and have a strong preference for keeper with long throw trait but not necessarily a must have.

Any help appreciated.


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