Was after a cheap bpl striker for my fitness team

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Came across 83 version of enner valencia and have to say he is fantastic. For 29k as well. Brilliant at heading, good pace, good finishing has decent strength as well, highly recommend if you need someone cheap but class.


  • LordSanchez
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    Would you chose him over NIF Costa and Aguero?Would you say that he's better or at least as good as them?
    I know they're different players but still...
  • Loyal-to-LFC
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    I had nif costa until i got valencia, and hes on a different level to costa. His 98 jumping means he wins more headers than he ever did. Aguero is double the price and i did use him for over 200 games early on in this years fut, suppose it depends if you do skills or not. Hes just as quick as aguero, better at heading and just as deadly on his right foot. Ive even finessed some in with valenicas 3 star left foot.

    Tbh im liking valencia better than 85 sturridge that i paid 170k for.
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