No xp / fcc`

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Anyone else getting no xp or fcc for fut games today?

Its been patchy for the last week or two but today nothing has been rewarded.

Anyone else? If so please post and I will re-post it on the answers forum/tweet a ea person to get it looked at. They seem to take more notice when theres several people with the issue.


  • M3$$1
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    I think its been like that for a while. Ever since your match history was messed up did not register everything. It didn't also give you fcc and xp as well. It was definitely before the patch and nope they didn't fix it or still don't know about that.
  • PhilP
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    Yeah it seemed to stop completely when they brought down the ps4 servers thursday am. Prior to that it was patchy some games did some did not.

    Mine is still the same. Oh well.
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