Accidently found coin glitch or exploit

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To be in a public session by yourself in GTA Online and to make sure nobody can join you (excellent for CEO missions), you can change your MTU settings from 1500 to 800 in PS4 connection settings.

So today I forgot to change it back when starting to play FIFA16.
When starting an online season match everything goes fine and it shows 3 green bars for connection. Once it loads the match I see my opponents squad but I hear noises of a player taking shots and stuff in the background and even saw the goal and net move when I hear the bar being hit lol (the goal below the keeper his card in the loading screen)

Right before when the match supposed to start I get a disconnection message and return to FUT menu.
I get around 100 coins and no win or loss is registered. Also no DNF modifier message.

So after trying a second time the same happens and I realize I forgot the MTU setting. I changed it back before checking if contracts on players go down.

Also I'm not going to check again because it looks like something you can get banned for so I don't recommend you to try this.
I post this because I was wondering if this was already a known thing or not?
I reported it to EA as well.
If it's new tho I bet they do something about it way faster than the chembug debacle ;)


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