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What's your FUT record?



  • mjustic
    1316 posts Professional
    3187 - 76 - 198

    Damn what's with all these records, what do you people play? My wins are slightly above draws and losses combined and I consider myself a solid player. What do you people play, only champions shield or what? No way for me to maintain that record in constant div1 games.
  • ChrisLFC
    7232 posts Big Money Move
    3187 - 76 - 198
    seems legit
  • Jfo88
    22822 posts Club Captain
  • sony
    8 posts Ball Boy
  • pob125
    3797 posts National Call-Up
    Wheres all the bad records? Is everyone ashamed?

    Mines like 600-450-1000
  • Adrian095
    34071 posts National Team Captain
    pob125 wrote: »
    Wheres all the bad records? Is everyone ashamed?

    Mines like 600-450-1000

    BS :D
  • pob125
    3797 posts National Call-Up
    I blame it on ter stergen.hes played about 1300 games.just switched hom for tots ruffier.
  • Staggie
    829 posts Semi-Pro
    Ben wrote: »

    I was scrolling down hoping I find a negative record because mine is terrible and everyone here seems to be very good.

    Mine is 282-33-310. 178 of those games are draft. Yes I play alot.
  • Bilbao_Baggins
    3965 posts National Call-Up
    edited July 2016

    ]Oh dear
  • Dutchcaliber
    2788 posts Fans' Favourite
    Mine is like 600 - 50 - 465. I do play primarly cups so i dont even have 200+ season games. I think my season record was like 60-15-40 or something. Im in div 2.
  • TheDreamer
    3160 posts National Call-Up
    TheDreamer wrote: »

    I swear you used to create threads claiming you were awful etc?
    I think Im awful. Im one of the worst players ever at tackling, my tackle success is probably <20%, I need to tackle like 3 times to get the ball as it always rebounds back to my opponent, dont think I pulled off a successful slide tackle online and I average like 8 fouls/match, none of them slide tackling fouls.

    Took me 4 matches to get the slide tackle achievement in the women match.

    My finishing is hit and miss, my goalkeeping skill is awful, I dont know how to run fast.

    This record is pretty much not mine, but its my team's record. This game is pretty much all about the team you have.
  • StewParty
    4069 posts National Call-Up
  • viva Colonia
    1115 posts Professional

    Not sure if i reach 1000 this year as i didnt play for over two weeks. I feel nothing when im playing this game
  • RM26
    52 posts Park Captain
  • Kingy
    2257 posts Fans' Favourite
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