PS4 Controllers and FIFA



  • Baznotsobad76
    5063 posts Big Money Move
    I got my PS4 in July last year.. Brand new with a new controller and I'm still using that original controller...

    I keep considering buying a new controller because I sometimes think it sticks.. But I never have issues with it on anything other than Fifa so it's the game not the controller... Even the menus lag (which is what almost convinced me the controller was sticking)
  • raz5229
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    I've had 2 controllers where the left analogue stick rubber has split.

    Tried the little covers you can get for them but dont like them.

    On the plus side I now have one of the blue/grey ones they released alongside Uncharted 4 which looks cool

    This, one I still have works ok even though whacked it against the wall a few times.
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