FIFA 17: Dynamic Shadow

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"the cure of the stages has also been enhanced, thanks to the fact that the Frostbite speeds up the creation of new elements and ensures a remarkable management of graphic effects, such as volumetric fog or in a global manner calculated lights, both on the playing field, both on the faces and in the eyes of the players. we have not come to having climate change in real time, but during the game you will notice different lighting conditions, also you will see the shadows of the clouds move on the playing field." - Eurogamer.IT



  • comet213
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    I wish this article is true.

    I want to see dynamic lighting like this.

    Shadow, lighting and sky change with the time.
  • Arsenalfan97
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    This is what we urgently need on Fifa 17 dynamic lighting and shadows it will change the game!
  • Eddie
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    They probably mean you see the odd blob of cloud shadow on the pitch as opposed to the conditions varying between sun and cloud cover during a match.

    This was a feature in FIFA99 for the N64 btw. Nothing to brag about.
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