Rainbowz' Squad Review - Championship/Brazil Hybrid feat. Legend Lineker

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So, uh, it's been a while. I wish I had some cool excuse as to why I stopped doing reviews, but it's only because I've been busy with University for the year, and I've had little time to play a lot of FIFA. For a while, I didn't have enough coins to make a decent team to review, and I want to supply you guys with quality. But now, here we are. Here's the team.
Wins: 4 | Draws: 0 | Losses: 3

For those of you who have never read one of my reviews, I use a graphical rating system, which will rate the players out of 10, with 10/10 being perfect. I will also show the goals and assists for the outfield players, and clean sheets for the goalkeeper. Enjoy the review.

IF Alves | Clean Sheets: 2
Diego Alves pretty much divides the FIFA community in half. One half swears he's the greatest keeper in the game, the other would rather trust a 50 rated bronze in the net. Well, after using IF Alves, I've got to side with the former. He was tremendous. Saving shots that other keepers wouldn't have a hope with. His diving and reflexes were fantastic, reacting quickly and diving to make the most impossible saves. His handling wasn't amazing, but is better than most, and his positioning was always spot on. In one on one situations, I'd always back him. Probably the best goalkeeper I've used this year, barring a few common errors that most keepers make. Would definitely use him again.
REr4HKj.png 9/10

TOTS Baiano | Goals: 0 / Assists: 0
This year, people find themselves spoiled for choice with Brazilian RBs. For the moneybags, there's TOTY/IF Alves or iHero Maicon and for the semi-rich, there's a plethora of TOTS cards. Baiano is probably the weakest of the TOTS RBs, but he played well in my team. He was fast enough for the full-back position, and his dribbling and passing stats came in really handy when he pushed up into attacking positions. He was really good at tackling, but felt weak when in a battle of strength. My biggest issue with Baiano was his positioning. He was never in position, and my right flank always felt exposed. Plus, he never got into the game enough for my liking. Performance-wise, he was great, but just never around when he was needed.

EPcJWb7.png 6/10

SIF Jardel | Goals: 0 / Assists: 0
I really wanted to use a bit of a different Brazilian CB to the ones that most use, and statswise, Jardel seemed best. I love his NIF, so the SIF seemed like the logical choice. Pacewise, he's pretty good. Obviously nothing incredible, but he keeps up with strikers well. His tackling is very, very good, winning most one on one situations with strikers. However, there were occasions where he seemed to just give up and put in really weak tackles, which seemed weird. His strength was okay, and he was decent in the air, but nowhere near as good as I expected him to be. A really average UP Dybala bossed him in one game. Still, he's a solid defender, who is definitely worth it for the price.

4iFZaM8.png 7/10

Thiago Silva | Goals: 0 / Assists: 0
Now onto a more traditional Brazilian CB, I needed some pace to go alongside the strength of Jardel, and Thiago Silva fit the bill. I've never actually used him in this FIFA, so this was a first for me. His pace obviously makes him good at dealing with fast CBs, and helps him get into position quicker. Defensively, he's incredible when tackling. Nearly always wins the ball, and keeps it too. In the air, he's good, but nothing exceptional, and he can feel a little weak at times, especially against stronger strikers. But he's still one of the best NIF CBs in the game, and probably one of the best value-wise.

tGhxfg1.png 8/10

TOTS Sidibé | Goals: 0 / Assists: 0
Sidibé looks to be a pretty perfect LB, fast, great defensive stats and pretty good at attacking too, so he was my first choice when choosing a LB for my team. His pace is fine, not too slow, but not exactly rapid either. His dribbling, again, was okay. He felt pretty decent on the ball, but I wouldn't run him against the opponent's defence. His defending was a little disappointing, it didn't feel as good as the card suggested. He often won tackles, but still lost the ball. His passing was good, but sometimes were weirdly misplaced. His strength was a okay, but he was part of the reason he lost so many tackles, he couldn't hold off the wingers. Sidibé is a pretty average player, I wouldn't really say he's worth the coins, but he's certainly not awful if you need to use him.

7qIvxer.png 5/10

Sandro | Goals: 2 / Assists: 2
Sandro, being the only silver in this team, had to step up big time, being in such an important position, and boy, did he. He felt a little faster than his pace would suggest, and made surging runs through the midfield. His dribbling was never really a factor, but he felt okay on the ball. His shooting was excellent. I expected it to be okay, but he was so accurate, always testing the goalkeeper at least, both inside and outside the box. He'd always get back to defend too. Defensively and physically, Sandro was sublime, constantly winning the ball through tackling and strength. His passing was great, if sometimes a little off, but it was hardly noticeable. An absolute workhorse who could fit into pretty much any team, Sandro is definitely a player you should buy.

REr4HKj.png 9/10

IF Verratti | Goals: 0 / Assists: 1
Verratti looks like a perfect midfielder on the card, but how does he play in game? First off, his pace was decent for the role. Sometimes a little slow to get into position, but usually he was fine. His dribbling, as expected, was excellent, just drifting past challenges like nothing, but he never really got in enough positions to go on a decent enough run. His shooting was abysmal for me. Every time he got the ball, no matter where, I'd pass to someone else. He just couldn't score. Defensively, he was great when tackling and intercepting. His passing was fantastic as well, constantly probing the defence. His strength was a major let down though. I knew this would be an issue, but wow, he's so easily dispossessed. Plus, due to his height, he's absolutely useless in the air. Verratti would probably be much better suited to a CM role, but he still did a good job in this team.

4iFZaM8.png 7/10

TOTS Forestieri | Goals: 2 / Assists: 2
Forestieri, or Fessi as he's sometimes known looks like a very solid attacking midfielder, and that's how he played. His pace and dribbling were excellent for going on offensive runs and beating multiple players, he felt extremely agile, and 4* skills sometimes made him untouchable. His shooting was okay, but Forestieri was very "nearly" player. He could've scored a lot more than he did, with most shots just sailing past the post. His passing was okay, but not as good as I was expecting, often passing it straight into the path of an opponent. Forestieri was quite strong too, and could hold his own in a challenge, and wasn't too bad in the air against slightly taller players. I'd recommend Forestieri if you can manage to fit him into a team. His dribbling his second to none, but be wary of his inconsistent shooting and passing. Still a fine player.

4iFZaM8.png 7/10

TOTS McCormack | Goals: 1 / Assists: 0
Using an ST at CAM may seem strange, but McCormack has perfect stats for the position, and according to IAmFrench, comes out at a 84OVR. I'll start by saying McCormack felt a tad slower than I expected. He seemed really sluggish when running, like he was running through mud at times. This affected his dribbling at times too, but mostly, he was great to run with, despite not being as agile as Forestieri, and lacking the skill moves. His shooting was incredible, but he never got into enough shooting positions. When he did, luck was rarely on my side, as he rattled the crossbar, posts, and was denied by amazing saves. His passing was really great too, often assisting the assist with a great ball to another midfielder. McCormack's strength makes him good too, being able to beat defenders, then hold them off too. At striker, I feel McCormack would've gotten an 8/10, but through my own fault, I couldn't get enough out of him. I'd give him a go at CAM still though, or better yet, ST.

EPcJWb7.png 6/10

IF Totti | Goals: 1 / Assists: 1
Totti, one of the great legends of modern football, and someone who will go down in history as an all time great. The lifelong Roma player is sadly retiring at the end of next season, but for now, he's still playing and putting in great performances. However, it saddens me to say that this card was pretty poor. His pace really made it difficult. Now, I'm no pace abuser, and I've loved Totti in other games, but he felt extra slow in this game, making it difficult to do anything with him. His dribbling was great, he turned and reacted really well, but the agility just wasn't there. He could beat players well enough, but that was it. His shooting was fantastic, but often I was taking potshots from insane distances, because I couldn't get past the defensive walls. His passing was excellent, one of the biggest upsides of this card. His physical stats were okay, but his low stamina meant he wilted pretty quickly. I've used IF versions of Totti in other games, and he's had something special to make up for the pace loss, but I only get glimmers of that with this card. Sadly, this is one to forget.

Dq8WikT.png 4/10

Lineker | Goals: 6 / Assists: 2
Now the voice of Match of the Day and the comedy relief of Walkers crisps adverts, it can be forgotten that Gary Lineker was one of the greatest England strikers to kick a ball, but this has been made abundant with his legend card, with a solid 89 OVR rating. In-game, his pace feels about right, and is enough to beat even the fastest CBs in a foot race. On the ball, he feels pretty good, but nothing exceptional, he's not the time of player you'd skill with. His shooting is what makes his card special. He has a hell of a strike from him. Like most legends, Lineker can make something out of nothing, unleashing thunderous strikes from range into the top corner. At one on ones, he's obviously great, although I saw quite a few shots saved surprisingly easily. His passing is okay, nothing of note really, and he's not much of a physical specimen. It wouldn't take much to knock him off his stride and put him off his shot, and he wasn't great at winning balls in the air, although his headers were excellent. Still, he performed fantastically for my team, leading the scoring charts, with some crisp finishes. I'm sorry.

tGhxfg1.png 8/10

I hope you enjoyed the review. Comment your thoughts and feedback, and be sure to recommend some players or teams you'd like me to review in future. Have a good day.


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