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A couple days ago I got an xbox one, and now I am having trouble adapting. On 360 I was surprised if my passing accuracy was below an 80 for a game and if my possession was below 55. During the 5 or 6 games I've played on the new system, I don't think that I have broken 75% passing or 55% possession. Are there any simple tips you guys have to help make this transition easier?


  • Andy99TradeZ
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    longshots were always woeful for me after I first got xb1 so I wouldn't try them for a bit,
    sounds sweaty but try passing around the back for a game or two to get used to weight of pass and things.
  • Hippyboy6
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    I swapped just before xmas, I can't really give you any advice other than stick with it. In a few days (a week, depending how much you play) it will click, when it does you will realise it is a much better game on Xbox one.
  • JayKubs
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    Yeah, you just gotta keep playing, you'll get used to it.
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