Questions about Chem Glitch??

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So this is what I gather from watching some of the videos and reading some posts
126b49e.png This is a day 1 card it will play to the card stats shown regardless if on 6-10chem IF and only IF basic chem style is used. 10chem basic=6,7,8,9chem basic
2qthdgp.png If played on 10chem with a sniper chem card if will look something like this. If played with sniper on 6chem it will play the same as a 10chem with basic (no boost) 10chem sniper>6chem sniper
33544dh.png Now the upgraded card can be played anywhere eg CM and with any chem card and will still play to base stats shown. A big benefit is fitness will always be 99

Would there be a boost in stats for 7,8,9chem sniper card on a day 1 card I'd imagine there would and just gets greater the more chem you have correct?
Also once you go below 6chem on a day one card the face stats will be reduced correct?
I know overall team chem also plays a part but that is a bit more complicated.
Anything I have got wrong?
(Side note I've been using TIF Layun at CM on 1 chem and he has been brilliant)
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