Socks and shorts.

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As well as being able to change to home and away kits for matches, should we also be able to change the socks and shorts so they don't clash against the team we're playing??

E.g When Arsenal are the home team and you're playing as Man Utd, who's default short colour is white, should we be able to change to black so they don't clash with Arsenal's white home shorts?

Just a thought that would make the game more authentic.


  • Smudge
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    Shirts are way more dominant than shorts, it probably wouldn't help that much
  • NoWayJose
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    Smudge wrote: »
    Shirts are way more dominant than shorts, it probably wouldn't help that much

    True, it's never been a problem with colours clashing that much so that's not the reason I want it included. I want it just to make the game seem more realistic.
  • ACamp1900
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    It can certainly help though, I think the Man U gunners thing is valid.. bascially, why not just let us mix and match the overall uni, you can do it for every other sports game I can think of that EA and others have put out recently(last ten years or so)... NCAA (CFB and CBB), Madden, MLB the Show, for a few examples...
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  • Jason1986
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    United often change to white socks Instead of the usual black ones when playing European games. Something to do with the white socks being easier to pick out for the players when playing under floodlights.

    On a FIFA perspective, I don't play against someone who has any part of their kit clashing with mine. For instance if someone has a white top with black shorts and socks I'll back out as my kits are all white and all black (not the ones for winning Div 1 and that cup lol).
  • eladlad
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    For some stupid reason the gk's are always having the same colours as field players
  • ale85bg
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    This can already be achieved (shorts/socks being changed automatically to avoid clashing) by editing some lua files in FIFA 16 for PC, and these modifications also allow us to use alternate GK kits (again, chosen automatically basing on the colours of the outfield player kits).

    There's an example I made several times on here and it's Inter-Bologna: with the default FIFA 16 behaviour, the Bologna GK will wear a black shirt/black shorts/black socks kit that clashes with Inter's home kit.
    With the mod, it's possible to have the Bologna GK wear a totally red kit that doesn't clash and it's done automatically (the only user input required is to add the red GK kit for Bologna and to make the game aware of it by adding three lines in a text file, then everything will be handled automagically).

    Yeah, it would be a wonderful idea to include these scripts as an official feature.
  • NoWayJose
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    Thanks guys, and yeah I can see how its possible for PC. If it's easily done with a mod them I'm sure EA could do it for PS4/Xbox.
  • awesomeSam7
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    Ive known teams in real life having to change their away shorts to home shorts because the other teams shorts are the same
  • nyx88
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    Bayerns Home kit.

    But they will use this combination everytime they face a team with white shorts.

    Its sad how EA handles this topic. Its always Home Kit against Away Kit in Online Matches. No matter the colors. For example Real Madrid vs Bayern wil never be White vs Red. Because they are both home kits. Offline you can choose White vs Red but only with white shorts.
  • Eddie
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    You used to be able to change shorts/socks on a previous FIFA (PS2 era), which proves it can be implemented. However that was a time before Ultimate Team existed and devs actually cared about attention to detail as opposed to using most of their resource implementing more ways to exploit cash from children.
  • Diggy
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    I'm more concerned with the kits clashing with officials & goal keepers

    They should sort the above first
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