Should i sell my team for TOTS IBRAH?????

So right now i have basically my Ligue 1 dream team including TOTS Di Maria, Matuidi, Luiz and Maxwell plus TOTY Thiago Silva. But i am missing the dream TOTS ZLATAN IBRAHIMOVIC, i am a PSG fan and seeing is it is his last PSG card i really want it above all. But if i get him i will have to sell my whole team and i will have just enough coins to get him. HERE IS WHERE I NEED HELP!!! Do you guys think this is a wise move, would you guys do it? could ibrahs price crash leaving me with massive losses. Also is it likely that if he brakes the record for most Uefa Euro goals scored, will he get a 99 rated RB card. with this in mind should i wait or should i just buy him?????? Please HELP and lend your opinion. THANKS


  • IvBican182
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    Nope .. 96 Ibra more than enough
  • Dutchcaliber
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    If he performs well at euro he will get a 97. But dont sell your whole team for him. You will just have 1 player.
  • alexb75
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    No , he's been pretty awful for strength , can't finish... really think mines broken!
  • krappen07
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    Your FIFA career won't be complete if you haven't owned and played 98 Zlatan
  • heavymcd
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    krappen07 wrote: »
    Your FIFA career won't be complete if you haven't owned and played 98 Zlatan

  • finsfan85
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    TOTS Ibra's PKs CANNOT be saved!

  • Byrnzie28
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    I also have a full Ligue 1 team, all blue, apart from a purple Hero Ibra card, and would love to try his TOTS card. I could sell my BPL team - TOTS: Mahrez, Vardy, Bellerin, e.t.c, and get him.

    Anyone here used him? Is his TOTS card far superior to his other cards?
  • Alright guys so i noticed almost all ligue 1 player prices are crashing including IBRAH, i think i am just going to sell all and hope i have enough for IBRAH. I just hope he doesn't get a higher rated card at the euros, what do you guys think will the ligue 1 prices come back up or should i SELL SELL SELL. Thanks Lads #fifastruggles #coinpoor
  • Barslund
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    Sweden plays today, so wait and see if a 97 pops up... wouldn't surprise me.
  • Hey lads just a quick update, I ended up buying the TOTS Ibrah and i don't regret it ONE BIT. Love his card plays amazing for me and managed to re-buy all the players i sold plus more, right now he's sitting on 107 goals and 24 assists in 122 games so not bad at all. Just wanted to say thanks to the lads that convinced me to get him, would definitely recommend anyone and everyone to give him a try. Shout out to krappen07 :)
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