Will EA fix CDM's for Fifa 17?

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I think most people know what I'm talking about, the fact that you can put a player with med/high or low/high workrates at CDM, set them to 'stay back while attacking', and yet they still bomb up the pitch.

Just played a game with Matic at CDM with those instructions and he had the least stamina on the pitch after starting with 99. He was practically playing CAM at times, which is useless considering he has low passing and dribbling.


  • Arsenal9
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    They will still push up if you have the ball and are keeping possession but generally they wont push up that much. Especially if youre direct. Also do you play with 1 or 2 cdms? I find with 2 they will push up but usually one at a time and the other to cover. Normally the one with more defensive workrates covers. Single cdm formations your guy might get caught on the counter if you lose it high up the pitch but mine always stay back when the other guy has the ball.
  • CraigFWba
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    Hope so. It's extremely annoying.
  • RadioShaq
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    Next year they are moving to the frostbite engine so hard to say what will happen.
  • Arsenal9
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    I honestly never notice them staying up attacking.
  • Nelmser
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    I hate it. Whenever I play that killer through ball it always seems to be Khedira on the end of it......
  • SweetJesus101
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    this is way exists work-rates.. not know why CDM with L-H push a lot in the pitch like M-M or H-M
  • Uncle Remus
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    Lahm at Striker is beast tho
  • Spurs1123
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    if you go to custom tactics and change the shooting to below 20, the CDM will stay in position.
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