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Since I am quitting the feef for good, I will be getting rid of the entirety of my coin balance. To go out with a "bang", I want to do something fun that could breath a little life in the forums at this late stage in the game.

I will be doing a Xbox Community Forum "Funniest GIF" competition!

Start: When this is posted End: 12:00pm EST Saturday, June 11th.

The Competition:
Simple, the funniest GIFs will be selected and ranked from 1 to 20.

The Prize:
Forumers choice of player to be bought, and then sold to them at an unspecified amount less than lowest Bin (max of 200k difference). Price may be negotiated prior to listing *(keeping in mind that the lower you go, the more likely Andy Bernard is to snag it). First place will get first choice, second will get second, and so on. So first place will theoretically be able to ask for a more expensive player as I will have more coins left in the bank. However, that does not necessarily mean someone further down the line will not be able to get something good either!

*This will not afford you a player that is extravagantly out of your price range. However, will allow for that someone who is "just out of reach".

One submission per forumer. After posting this, I will not be reading any posts until the competition end date. Therefore, say you post something tonight... But then tomorrow afternoon realize you found something better... Just edit and change your original submission post. Any posts with edit dates past the 6/11/16 at 12:00 pm EST will be void.
To avoid a bunch of randomers from spamming submissions you must have a minimum of 250 posts to be eligible this will help ensure it keeps the competition geared towards forum regulars while not alienating some newer members.

Disclaimer: there is no guarantee that you will get the player agreed upon due to Andy Bernard, or someone else beating you to the punch. However, we can take steps to assure that you have the greatest chance possible

This is meant to be a fun thing, so, I would ask that you pick players you actually want to use in a squad and not a player you are planning to flip for profit.

If you do not know how to post GIFs, please PM me and I can probably help you to do so.

Thank you all for being so kind and welcoming these past 5/6 years (ill still be lurking around the forums a bit) its been a true pleasure!

Please feel free (or not) to tag friends so lots of people can get involved :)


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