FIFA 16 Companion App Issues Feedback

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Hey all,

If youre suffering any issues with the Companion App please can you fill in the questionairre below, depending on your responses some of you may be asked to provide further information so look out for that. Thanks!!

On the FIFA 16 Companion App, are you seeing the following issues with your account?

- You cannot login to the app even though you have a valid FUT Account. You see a “Getting Started” screen instead.

- Players cannot be moved to a different position in the Active Squad pitch view (an error pop-up appears)

- Players cannot be added to the Active Squad from the Club Section (an error pop-up appears)

If these issues are happening for you, we would like to know the following:

- Does the issue also happen on the FUT Web App?

- For the login issue, do you have multiple FUT personas? Which platforms are they on?

- Does deleting your Active Squad fix the swapping issue?

- What is your EA persona name, so we can investigate the issue further?
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