Team around Teddy..

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Could someone help me out with a team around Teddy please.

I have 100k, plus Teddy (would chuck Gullit in there as well if needed) and can't think of any teams. I've made one and it played like sh*t.

Any help is appreciated! :)


  • Safehands84
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    Don't bother he,s awful. I normally give players 20 games before I judge them but just put teddy up for sale. No goals in ten and he,s had loads of chances. Straw that broke the camel back was when he hit the crossbar from a yard out.

    His control is excellent though I,'ll give him that he got some nice assists around the edge of the box due to his control. Really wanted to like him being an ex United player.
  • Otis
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    I had him in a full United team and he was lethal for me.
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