Help me choose my CAM and STR

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Budget is 1.3m and I'm a big fan of ibra. I have a few ideas on best way to spend my money. But I need to Involve a legend for chemistry. My current ideas:

CAM 96 ibra STR weah

CAM 96 ibra STR Bergkamp

CAM 98 ibra STR crespo

CAM 98 ibra STR kluivert

I know a few of you guys have used both ibras and didn't notice much difference. I loved the 98. My favourite card so far. Any ideas are welcome. Thanks guys!


  • LFC Simon 98
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  • vizzion89
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    That good huh? His stats always put me off? Reckon I could scrape enough spare coin in the club to grab him
  • Ian_Ando08
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    Kluivert IMO
  • Galaynn
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    I did not like Bergkamp upfront (too weak imo, notwithstanding his physical stats do not look bad on paper) and I was not that impressed by Crespo (I know he is much loved around here, can't do anything about it, I just did not like him)

    never tried Kluivert
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