Can you help me make this into more of a Hybrid but still keep it effective?

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My team is:

Neymar - Luis Suarez - Lionel Messi
Gareth Bale- Bruno Soriano TOTS - Luka Modric
Jordi Alba - Sergio Ramos - Diego Godin - Oscar De Marcos
Jan Oblak TOTS

Formation is 4321

I have won the EA TOTS Cup and multiple Division 1 titles with it however I see all the hybrids on here and it makes me want to change up slightly

Must stay players are Messi Suarez Neymar Bale

I do not want Busquets or Busquets TOTS anywhere near the team as he was pathetic for me

on top of this I have 190k to spend as well so basically it is around 300k + Messi Suarez Neymar Bale

Console is XBOX ONE


  • krappen07
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    Why don't u play with your namesakes TOTS?
  • Zlatan
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    krappen07 wrote: »
    Why don't u play with your namesakes TOTS?

    I don't enjoy Ibra this fifa
  • bear
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    So you want a hybrid, but 4 of an available 11 are all in the same league, 3 occupy your attack, 1 midfielder with a really **** nation, and the only spots available are 5 defenders and 2 mids? Bruh, pick your favorite defenders + Marcelo (if your keeping bale at lcm) and you've culled the available player pool for your two other cms to only a handful.
  • randomhero1090
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    Basically that leaves the lower triangles (outside mid, fullback, CB). My favs for those triangles:

    TOTS March/TOTS Sandro/NIF Chiel or Barz
    TOTS March/IF or SIF Flor/NIF Chiel or Barz
    TOTS Matuidi/IF Aurier/Silva
    Vidal/Alaba/Boat (dirt cheap for the value)

    The one I've been thinking about is FC Porto so I can use Layun at LB. Haven't tried it but some great potential combos.

    Me if I was you....

    Alaba-Boat-Ramos-TOTS Carvajal

    I'll have to check to make sure the Chem works....

  • Juked By Neymar
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    Could try this.
    Neymar - Suarez - Messi
    Bale - Mascherano - IF Felipe Anderson/SIF Perisic
    Marcelo - TOTS T. Silva - TOTS Miranda - IF Maicon
    SIF Trapp
  • randomhero1090
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    Yup, Chem works. Looks nasty.

    Actually... Swap Ramos with Godin and you can keep Oblak :smile:
  • randomhero1090
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    You could go with IF De Marcos if you like him and use the coins to get TOTS Modric.
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