How are Boufal and Sidibe TOTS?

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Thinking of using them in something like this: 51ff86f87fee3f7eac76c1e556ecf456.png


  • WFCBagnall
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    Sidibe was great
  • PeteyHR
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    Boufal is very good. Like a more clinical Neymar
  • Pogba
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    Boufal is amazing for me quick, strong, decent passer, ball sticks to him and he can finish.

    Sidibe was solid
  • SummerOfGeorge
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    Sounds good, alterative was using Nedved but this pairing is cheaper, 5* skills on the winger and I feel like NEdved is better in the midfield
  • Richard
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    Hello @SummerOfGeorge,

    I think TOTS Boufal is a very good player on this game. I had the pleasure of trying him for a couple of games and I very much enjoyed him. He does his skillmoves very smoothly and his dribbling is comparable to that of Neymar. His shot was a bit dissapointing, so that is not why you should buy this card. I hope this comment helps you.
  • CornishLad
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    Sidibe was terrible for me. Couldn't seem to catch or get any RW off the ball
  • AnDrEwThEdOn
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    I liked Sidibe but hated Boufal
  • SummerOfGeorge
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    Hello @Richard

    Thank you
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