91 iniesta or suarez as cam

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As the title.. to play behind tots griezmann and aduriz

Currently playing with suarez as cam, he scores a fair few goals but it seems as if he doesn't link up play very well so just wondering if it would be better to switch to TIF iniesta and possibly score less goals with him but have a bigger impact on the rest of the team? Any opinions or recommendations for anybody else? About a 150k budget


  • brunolupi
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    Suarez as CAM doesn't work. Consider these 3 options: Iniesta 91, IF Fabregas or TOTS Koke. These are my midfielders. I play with 433 formation, using IF Fabregas and Iniesta 91 as CDMs and TOTS Koke as CM.
  • MonKeano
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    Iniesta definitely. His NIF is great for me
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