My la liga TOTS team review

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TOTS Lucas perez
I haven't previously used any of his cards so i can't really compare him to his NIF but holds the ball up really well quite strong in the cf position and his finesse shots are a thing of beauty really enjoying using him at the minute. 8/10
TOTS Bruno
Loved his IF/SIF was hoping he made it in to TOTS and this card is just mega the best ball winner/tackler i have used this year although considering he has 90's in long shots and shot power i am yet to score one seems to not even find the target but after all he is a CDM so i cant really criticise him for that 8/10
TOTS Filipe luis
Fantastic upgrade on his already very good SIF what i find that he has over TOTS/TOTY Marcelo is height and standing tackle seems to have better aggression against the sweaty community and is great at starting off attacks with neymar down the left 8/10
TOTS Mascherano
Thought his height may be a bit of an issue at cb wins more than his fair share of headers cannavaro esk you might say his aggression can be a little too much at times as smashing in to players does result in a fair few free kicks/pk's but love his card and the way he can play out 8/10
TOTS Carvajal
Pretty similar to TOTS luis really another fantastic upgrade on an already great card so fast across the ground and wins every single tackle he goes in to a really fun card my favourite RB this year by far. 8/10
TOTS Oblak
Hated his NIF was one of the worst gk's i used all year but decided to give his TOTS a chance to prove me wrong and i love him gets beat by those pesky long shots but saves alot of one on ones and commands that area wont be changing him out anytime soon. 8/10

And lastly i know he isnt TOTS but a little review for the player of the team
Bale CM
Amazing player running from deep found him very average at rw previously in this fifa but his STR card is possibly the best cm i have used amazing ball winner and chance creator also as you can see gets more than a fair share of goals. 9/10

Any other questions please ask i hope i was of some help to any of you guys wondering about buying some of these players.


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