Do you buy your Ligue 1 TOTS now or are you patient enough to wait?

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Prices are still high. But I want that Lacazette and maybe the 95 ibra. What is your opinion?


  • Wooly1203
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    I would wait. Only cards I would buy are the cheaper ones where you won't lose so much by buying them now
  • Pughy30
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    I'm gonna buy next friday i'm lucky that i'm away for a week so it's easy for me to wait. but it just depends really how much you value saving some coins.
  • krappen07
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    smarter to wait as more come out and possible ea tots release next week, which if going by last year, will release the best tots all together, which will cause a last great dip

    that being said, I didn't care about that and went and bought my players last night :D
  • M98H
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    Only one left for me is tots Ben arfa, 300k is my buy price which should be achievable
  • Bouzid18
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    thanks for your advice men. i think i'm going to wait a bit but not tooooo long :)
  • Tekkerz
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    I'm waiting sick of it but no choice poor man problems gonna wait to tuesday I'm after Ben arfa lacazette and maybe radja.
  • wijnaldum16
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    I want Insigne so bad...waiting is annoying but will be worth it
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