Fifa 17 Gameplay..



  • The one thing that's making me really consider PES this year is they are taking the time to fix their game play issues from the previous version before moving on EA just is not addressing this,they are covering up by giving users "trinkets" instead of allowing for fixes,and we are not absent from the blame cause we still buy their crap and complain.
    their 2 major concerns after this version will still be ultimate team and then their journey mode and the actual game play will suffer more.
    the only way EA will feel this is to let them know i sales that they need to consider the customer base more,who asked for their journey mode ? they impose their stuff on you they don't ask what you think needs improving hense we are always stuck with the same game play every time.
  • UDLawman
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    Very good points, can EA please address?
  • Arayas
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    Yeah, water under the bridge.... THEY are not gonna do anything...Maybe some new cr*ppy cinematics, minor tweaks, some new hair and that will do it. Some advertising with new (yeah, right) features and taa-daa, there will be Fifa 17.
    I`ll bet that the EA employes work on this game a month per year. They are bussy with other EA games. Why not? You will buy it anyway.
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