Suggestions for Fifa 17

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Whilst most likely undoubtedly late to say what should be done I still would like to chime in with what I think needs to be done.

Career mode:
In short it needs a massive overhaul but here are some good suggestions.

Stadium upgrade's (capacity)
Controlling ticket prices
Popularity boost depending on how well your team is performing
The ability to purchase and upgrade training facilities this along with better stadium capacity and design could go towards a reputation
Hiring coaches which in turn give better training methods upgrades players
Enhanced youth squads in more detail
Give genuine decision makings to take to prepare for upcoming games I.e. working on a certain game plan.
Real financial issues which you have to combat, not always having money to spend
Proper press conference's and post match conferences which allows you to act in any manner you wish with some of it coming at a consequence
Setting contract clauses
Buy back clauses

Allow for the momentum or scripting whatever you call it to remain in the game but whilst it remains it should also be a case of turning it ON and turning It OFF
Gameplay is a bit slow needs to be brought to a more realistic speed
Allow for dribbling with the ball to be more fluent that and the movement of high level agility players should be moving seamlessly not sluggish
Striking to be more varied less unrealistic shots being scored


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