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False 9 users what custom tactics and instructions do you use?

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Hey guys,

I'm a big False 9 fan this year. Really wondering how everyone plays it.
Share you Custom tactics and instructions here:

I use @❤️❤️❤️❤️_Benz 's Custom Tactics and instructions. They really allow you to play a quick passing game with strong counter attacks.


  • mihain247
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    Benz CT and I also transform the rw an lw in rf an lf after kick off
  • Zebbe
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    Lately I have the most success with the following:




    As for instructions I just tell my CDM to stay back and mark man.
  • Dutchcaliber
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    If i use cts i use benz his cts. My instructions are:
    Wingers cut unside.
    Cdm stay back, cut passing lanes, aggressive interceptions.
    Cm's stay on the edge.

    My current team is:
  • Amargaladaster26
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    CTs of @Liam9lfc for 4231. Enables me to play slow and good possession play.
  • Ginch goes u90
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    Unless the opponents teams forwards are all 90+ pace; Then I'll drop the pressure way down or if I'm lazy I'll just go counter attack.

    I set up my false 9 a little differently. I like to have one winger play as more of a forward. Have them cut inside and play short one twos with the cf. I like to use bigger more physical wingers here that are a threat making runs into the box and win headers against the majority of smaller fullbacks people use. I then set the fullback on that side to play as a winger and always overlap so I can still have an option outside to send in crosses.

    On the opposite side I'll have a winger who's job is to always go wide and to stretch the field and get in behind. Pacey high/low players with decent finishing/passing so it'll be less predictable guessing if I'm going to cut inside or stay wide whip in a cross. My fullback on this side I set to default or stay back.

    My cf is always a complete striker, but I have yet to find anyone even close to Zlatan in this role. He's the perfect cf. I set him as a target man, keep him centrally and to make runs into the box. He's my #10 and the offense always flows through his feet.

    As far as the midfield goes, I'm usually pretty hamstrung for options here because I like to build hybrids with at least 3 leagues so finding quality players that also keep perfect chemistry is difficult. I prefer to have a left or right mid whose role is strictly creative as a second playmaker to my cf. my cdm is usually a box to box that I set to stay back but they push forward regardless so I like someone that can at least finish a sitter. And then the last midfielder is a more all rounder that can do a bit of everything well.

    As far as the defense goes, since I prefer to play a high pressing possession style, counter attacks are my biggest enemy. I like to use pacey defenders on the outsides with good intercepting center backs. I'll have 3/4 of my back line set to stay back.

    In b4 tl;dr
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