Why are shooting physics so ridiculously bad?

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I just had 10 shots with Rooney and Bruyne where they had the perfect run
up and not off-balance and they shoot like little girls.
It's not the only match either, it's been like this all the time.

I have seen some rocket shots, but only like 2 times since release after playing 400 games....

No wonder the keeper saves all my shots when strikers with insane shot stats shoot like
girls who just learnt what a football is.

It's stuff like this that makes it impossible to play beautiful, because you can't score normal goals, you need to use zig zag pace from the corner flag and driven pass it into a tap in to score or the long shot exploit to score.

Can't you (EA) just study what PES/Konami did in... well.. in their 1st game, cuz PES1 shooting would be an astronomically large upgrade from this 'Striker softly passes the ball to the keepers magnetic hands' thing you got going on in this game.

And give players eyes so they don't run into each other all the time, would you?


  • BlitzersNL
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    That's sexist.
  • mHazard
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    BlitzersNL wrote: »
    That's sexist.
    I don't think so. He is not referring to women. He is referring to girls. Girls can't shoot the ball, that is for sure. Actually they don't know how to handle the balls at all until they become women. When they become women some of them can play pretty good ball game. Actually I think some of them are paid for kicking the ball.
  • Korthan
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    Teepo wrote: »

    And give players eyes so they don't run into each other all the time, would you?


  • djmikeygee
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    Are you saying little grils can't shoot the ball? That's sexiest OP.
  • Wordlesspoet8
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    Why did you feel the need to say "little girls" instead of "little boys"? Such sexism
  • Glix
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    Hold down the shoot button. Problem solved.
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