invisible ball in fut

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anyone know how to fix this? ive had invisible ball problem for months in kick off mode but never anywhere else.

Last night it started to happen in fut, and its carried on today, but the strange thing is i went in kick off mode and now the ball is visible there.


  • KunKilT
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    fixed it now, for anyone else, if its offline you go to settings and change ball from default to any other ball, and if its in fut you simply go into auction and buy a new ball.

    this game always seems to amaze me though with what happens, ive just had a game now with the ball after i fixed it, and that game was harder than the games with no ball in!! and id lost the last 4 so if anything i should be facing easier opponents!!!
  • SteveG
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    Hopefully somebody sees this that has the problem! Glad it's sorted for you.
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