ST & Central CAM, 4231, 600k(ish)

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4231 is the only formation which seems to somehow work for me this year.

I currently run two team, one with Gullit CCAM/MVB ST, the other with Bergkamp CAM/Stoichov ST (and in both cases normal players around them).

I would like to build a third team, focusing on CCAM/ST.

No legends, would not mind trying a couple of TOTS.

Any suggestion for a CCAM and a ST worth trying? Or two STs (I can use Stoickhov as CCAM).

Budget is 600, max 650k (no need to worry about the rest of the team). Don't need to spend it all of course!

Was thinking TOTS Jonas and TOTS Lukaku, or MOTM Gameiro, but very open to suggestions.

Thanks guys!

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